The Kind Hamper Initiative aims to help Ukrainians in need: the elderly, people with disabilities, and large families affected by the war. Also, we aim to support Ukrainian producers. Local farmers, craftspeople, and small business owners find it harder to function now than large businesses.

You can help out too.

Kind Hamper
Hi there! My name is Serhii. For many years now, I've been working at project that promotes the products of Ukrainian manufacturers.

Every year I collect baskets of craft products made by local producers and farmers. Ukrainians usually give these sets to their relatives, colleagues, and everyone near and dear.

Before the war, we Ukrainians were living our lives, doing our favorite things, visiting each other, supporting local producers, celebrating, dreaming, and planning.

But on 24th February, everything changed. In such difficult times, any support is important. You can help out too.

Kind Hamper for Ukrainians in need —
is an initiative aimed at helping the elderly, people with disabilities, and large families in Ukraine, as well as supporting local Ukrainian producers.

Did someone say "Kind Hamper"?
You can pay for one of the gastronomic sets or donate any amount, and we will collect products, pack them, and give them to those who need them the most.

One order of such a set is an opportunity for Ukrainian brands to continue their business in this difficult time because local farmers, craftsmen, and small business owners find it harder to function than large enterprises.

By supporting the Kind Hamper initiative, you become a benefactor for people in particular need and support Ukraine's economy at the same time.

How does it work?
You can make a donation for one desired product that we will add to a future basket or put together your own charity basket from the products listed below.

It is also possible to donate any amount convenient for you here.
Okay, what kind of
hampers are there?
Gastronomic sets include: favorite Ukrainian craft products: fragrant pastries, meat delicacies, cheeses, snacks, spreads and desserts, jams, chocolate, sauces, natural drink and much more.
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Kind Hamper

Why else is it important?

Maybe someone will say that this initiative and these products are not the first necessity, but for someone it is the work of life and that is why these products are delicacies, because they put soul, values and family traditions into them - we cannot lose these producers.

Small business is a leading sector of the market economy,
the essence and significance of which for the country is difficult to overestimate.

In addition, delicacies are not just a food need, but also an opportunity to give emotion and a small holiday to those who need it in these dark times
for Ukraine.
  • Purchase of raw materials for the manufacture of products;
  • remuneration for people involved in the production process and support of their production capabilities;
  • remuneration for packers and loaders;
  • remuneration for carriers and cover of the transport and logistics costs associated with the delivery of products;
  • rent of premises for storage and packaging of products;
  • utility costs;
  • packaging materials;
  • taxes and fees.
Manufacturers and partners
(to be supplemented)
Recipients of sets

Every set you buy is your contribution to the victory of light over darkness.

Join the Kind Hamper initiative! Glory to Ukraine!

Kyiv, Ukraine
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